NEW!: Helping Anyone With A Problem!

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NEW!: Helping Anyone With A Problem!

Post  omni on Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:47 am

Hi, my name is Omni.
Irl name - Gary

I'll be helping to anyone who reply's to this post on anything with In-game problem's, Forum help. Laughing

Forum: Any issue's on the forum glitche's any problem's? If so contact me or Luke cause I've been making forum's and other thing's to help fix the problem so Pm it or post it.

In-game: If you have any glitche's tell and post, pm a staff member or Luke.. and me.
I know i'm not a staff member but I know how to fix glitche's and amny more stuff on server and forum's.

I have been Mod, Admin, Owner on many server's and recently Admin on a server called..
'Fatality614.' No
Reason why I'm going to play this is because seem's legit and dedicated and the owner on the other server 'Fatality614' is very lazy, and has many bugg's so it's worthless playing.

I would love to code and help many player's who come to the server and to help Luke with the coding and glitche's. I just want to have fun on the server and get the server BIG! for Luke and Zach. So they can get to be successful and get as many player's to feel, Great, Happy, and excited to play the server.

About Me:
I am very active on Forum's and In-Game. I am very chill and helpful when it come's to..
In-Game/Forum, Glitche's, Hack's, etc.
I am always happy to help anyone who need's help In-game or Forum's.

Your Favourite-


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