Important: Information On Trade!

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Important: Information On Trade!

Post  omni on Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:34 am

Hello I'll be talking about the trade In-Game so you guy's dont have any problem's with that.
Me and Luke are finding Gltiche's, Bugg's, Dupe's, and many more.

Here is a screenie of a trade and what not to do to decline or 'x' out your trade.

The Red Rectangle represent's to not click that or you will 'x' out the trade but you're friend or culprit will still be in it waiting for you to trade or something like that. I've been coding and being staff on many known server's for year's so I know how to fix and what's happening.
The Green Rectangle represent's to click on to decline, or accept the offer in the second trade screen.

Do not.. I repeat do not log out until your item's are in your invitory.
Because if you clicked the right hand 'x' on the second trade he will still be in the trade.. waiting. If you logout you will loose all the item's you offerd to the person.

You might be like " affraid What!? scam!? " Dont freakout it's a glitch I'll try to help code it for Luke and the player's of TizenX.

Any more need of help contact a staff member(s), and me to fix any problem you have.
Way's to contact: Arrow
Pm on Forum's
Pm In-Game
Post on forum's

In-Game Name: Like a Star @ heaven Omni Like a Star @ heaven
Hoped this help you to stay careful and help you out.
Very Happy

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